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Requesting a Modification of a Conviction or Sentence

Post-conviction relief refers to the legal process whereby a person or their attorney petitions a court, requesting a reversal of a prior conviction or a modification of a sentence. If the court grants the person’s request, it will vacate the prior conviction or modify the sentence. At Rodriguez Law Firm, our criminal defense attorney has successfully helped many clients reverse their conviction or modify their sentence.

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Post-Conviction Relief for Immigrants

An increasing number of legal aliens and undocumented immigrants with felony or misdemeanor convictions are being denied the ability to acquire U.S. citizenship or lawful permanent residency due to a prior conviction. Many more of them are being deported by immigration authorities if their conviction is considered an aggravated felony or a crime of moral turpitude.

If you pleaded guilty to a crime that is being used by immigration officials to deny your application for U.S. citizenship or claim that you are deportable because you have a conviction for an aggravated felony or a crime of moral turpitude, then call us.

Our Approach to Immigrant Post-Conviction Relief

We can help lawful permanent residents and undocumented aliens reverse a past conviction if they pleaded guilty without knowing that the conviction will make them deportable, not be allowed re-entry to the United States, or not be able to become a U.S. citizen.

If hired, we begin by collecting and reviewing court records and court transcripts of the proceedings. We can interview witnesses and the former defense attorney so that we can assess if your 6th Amendment rights to effective assistance of counsel were violated. Once we complete our investigation, and if the information supports the basis for the motion, we can file the appropriate type of motion to vacate the criminal convictions or modify the sentence.

Types of Post-Conviction Relief

The leading cases in California for those interested in reversing a conviction have been codified under Penal Code sections 1473.7 or 1016.5. These codes require that the petitioner prove that his or her attorney or the court did not correctly advise them of the immigration consequences before they pleaded guilty.

There are many types of post-conviction relief, including:

  • 1473.7 Motion to vacate conviction – Focus on Attorney misadvised
  • 1016.5 Motion to vacate conviction – Focus on Court misadvised
  • 18.5 Motion to modify sentence
  • 1203.4 Expungement - Dismiss charges
  • 17(b) Reduce felony to a misdemeanor
  • Habeas Corpus motion
  • Motion for New Trial

Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

We’ve heard from many immigrant clients that their initial defense lawyer never told them the crime they pleaded guilty to will be used to deport them, deny them the ability to return to the United States, or never be able to become a U.S. citizen. Unfortunately, the more post-conviction cases we handle, the more we discover that some defense attorneys don’t ask their clients if they are an immigrant before they plead guilty.

The problem is that many criminal lawyers are not familiar with immigration laws and are unable to properly advise a noncitizen client on if the crime will have adverse immigration consequences. Fortunately, there has been a cluster of Supreme Court cases that allows a noncitizen defendant to file what is commonly called a Padilla motion, which is based on the violation of the defendant’s 6th Amendment rights.

If you are currently charged with a crime and you are not a U.S. citizen, then you should call us before you plead guilty. Our office has provided legal advice to many noncitizen defendants or their attorneys before accepting a plea deal. Our goal is to provide the correct information that gives you or your defense attorney the opportunity to make a counter offer that does not make you deportable. You can rely on our post-conviction relief lawyer in San Diego for well-informed advice and strong representation.

If you already pleaded guilty to a crime and it is being used to deport you or prevent you from becoming a U.S. citizen, then call us at (619) 332-1703 for a free consultation where we can discuss your eligibility for post-conviction relief.

Clients Share Their Experience

  • Above all, he is culturally competent and sensitive, and treats all his clients alike, with the same respect, providing "extreme" customer service.

    “John will analyze your case, and will achieve the best possible outcome.”

    - Steve C.
  • Mr. Rodriguez and Amy! Been a great help during my immigration process.

    “They are professional and they reply to your inquiries quickly.”

    - Hamza S.
  • He was kind and empathetic to my husband's situation but also took the time to be honest and explain the risks.

    “This process took over a year because of the court's backlog but through it, all John stayed positive, kept us on track, and my family and I couldn't be more grateful and thankful for all of his hard work.”

    - Kristen S.
  • I've spoken with a lot of lawyers. THIS IS ONE OF THE VERY FEW who actually was THINKING about solutions brainstorming for a full hour without stopping.

    “Most attorneys I met want to fit your case in a pre-determined category and just file the papers but here they dealt with my case as a separate case on its own. It doesn't fit any previous categories.”

    - Peter A.
  • From the very moment that John and I spoke, I knew I would be in good hands with him.

    “John's background and experience truly make him an excellent attorney for anyone in a complicated situation.”

    - Fernando R.

Post Conviction Relief Case Results

  • Removal Proceedings Terminated 18.5 Motion to Reduce Sentence - Eliminating Aggravated Felony

    Sentence reduced to less than one year

  • Removal Proceedings Terminated Habeas Corpus-Felony Child Abuse
  • Post-Conviction Relief Stopped Immigration Client’s Deportation Proceedings
  • Removal Proceedings Terminated Habeas Corpus - Transportation & Possession for Sale
  • Removal Proceedings Terminated 1473/7 Motion to Vacate Conviction - Transportation 11 Kilograms of Meth
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    John R. Rodriguez

    Founding Attorney

    John R. Rodriguez is a San Diego trial attorney with the experience that will make a difference in your criminal or immigration case. His combined experience as a trial lawyer, former police officer, and private investigator has culminated into a successful legal career with a proven track record that his clients can rely on. He began his legal career as a criminal defense attorney defending Latino immigrants arrested in communities throughout Napa, Solano, and Contra Costa Counties for 15 years ...

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