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Fighting Removal and Helping Families Stay Together

Fighting a deportation order can be complicated, and you may feel overwhelmed. However, our immigration legal team at Rodriguez Law Firm can help you through the process.

Attorney John R. Rodriguez can help you identify the best removal defense strategies, which may include:

Our deportation defense attorney will start building your defense strategy by carefully reviewing your particular set of facts. We can utilize our extensive understanding of current case law, immigration statutes, and public policy issues to help you build a solid case.

Attorney John R. Rodriguez and his staff will work hard to stop the deportation process. Schedule a consultation by calling (619) 332-1703 today.

Common Grounds for Removal

An immigration judge can deport anyone who is not a citizen of the United States. This includes permanent immigrants (LPR) and nonimmigrant visa holders.

There are three main groups of people that are at high risk of deportation:

  • Non-citizens that have been arrested or convicted of certain crimes, including domestic violence convictions.
  • Non-citizens that have been deported or had a voluntary departure but returned or stayed
  • Undocumented immigrants who entered without inspection.

Undocumented immigrants are always targeted by ICE and are at high risk of deportation. However, some undocumented persons can avoid deportation if they are able to present a type of relief recognized by the court.

Based on the U. S. Immigration and Nationality Act, foreign citizens can be deported for the following reasons:

  • They entered without inspection and they have no visa or green card
  • They overstayed their visa or have an expired visa
  • They returned after being removed from the United States
  • There was a misrepresentation on a visa application
  • They were found to be in a fraudulent marriage
  • They were convicted of certain misdemeanor or felony crimes
  • They are a naturalized U. S. citizen that obtained their green card or citizenship by misrepresentation or fraud
  • They are a non-citizen that claims to be a U. S. citizen

Our experienced attorney can help by reviewing your case and look for the best legal strategies that can stop your deportation or reverse a prior removal order.

What Happens During Deportation Hearings?

The deportation hearing begins after you are arrested and taken to court. If you are not in custody, the process begins when the Department of Homeland Security sends you a Notice to Appear (NTA) before an immigration judge. The NTA includes a list of factual and legal reasons as to why you are being removed from the United States. You must go to court at the time and place shown on the NTA, otherwise the judge will rule against you and order you deported.

Removal court proceedings will begin with the judge asking if your name and home address on the NTA are correct. The judge will advise you of your rights and warn you that if you miss any of your court dates, they will deport you. Your attorney will then address the various allegations listed on the NTA and inform the judge of the type(s) of relief they will present to the court during a merits hearing.

Let Us Help You Fight Removal Proceedings

Attorney John R. Rodriguez is an experienced and aggressive removal attorney who fights to protect the rights of immigrants. He is the son of immigrants and has committed his entire legal career to helping his clients and their families. If you are in removal proceedings, call us today. We can review your particular legal issues as well as potential options, and develop defenses that can stop your deportation.

Call for an appointment at (619) 332-1703.

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