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Drinking and Driving During the Holidays

The Christmas holidays are a time to reflect and also to enjoy it with loved ones but, sadly holiday gatherings mean a lot of drunk drivers on the road. 
Even minuscule amounts of alcohol will have a negative effect on safe driving ability. When on the road, look out for the following signs of someone driving under the influence (beware that the following can also be due to careless driving or a distracted driver but the bottom line is that the results of Drunk Driving and Reckless Driving are the same, they can end up in a very violent accident and/or serious injuries to anyone directly or indirectly involved):

  • Suddenly turning or stopping
  • Swerving between lanes
  • Failure to using headlights during the night
  • Irregular speed changes
  • Delayed reaction to stoplights, street signs, work signs, etc.
  • Getting to close to other cars. stationary objects or the the curb, etc.

On behalf of The John Rodriguez Law Firm in San Diego, we would like to wish very happy and safe holidays to all and every one of the members of our great community.

If unfortunately you end up in a car accident during the holidays, please contact us at: (619) 332-1703 or email us and we will fight for your case.